One of the nice things with gohugo is, you have an easy way to build your site locally. One of the not so nice things: You introduce “works on my machine” :-D.

So once I was finished building / configuring my new site locally, I wanted to ship it to production. Generated the site with


and copied the public folder via scp to my webhoster.

scp -r public/ ssh-***@******/***/***

Changed the working directory on the webserver and BAM site is served.

However I realized an issue on the home. The social icons where missing. After some digging around I realized it might be folder permissions. I was unable to fix it (server looks fine, chown is all the same).

Workaround: I copied the svgs over to the images folder, changed the html and there they were.

I couldnĀ“t pinpoint it down, seems to be either a theme or a gohugo issue. I found an issue on the gokarna github repo and commented my findings. Hopefully this issue will get fixed. Until then my workaround is to copy over the svgs and patch the location in the partial.