It´s been more than 10 years. More than 10 years since I´ve last written a blog post. The thrill was gone. However I´d like to write into the internet once again. Some things stayed (still love the internet, still love technology) some things changed (I became a dad, don´t work as a fulltime SEO anymore, got married :-) ).

What´s new

The blogsystem. I abandoned wordpress an went for hugo . My main reasons:

  • Couriosity (how easy is a migration?)
  • Performance. A static generated page should be faster than a dynamic one (even with heavy caching).
  • GDPR. With hugo I have full controll which external contents (fonts, images, scripts) get loaded.
  • Play instincts. I´m quite good at messing around with wordpress. hugo I still have to learn.
  • Multilingual mode. I want to add a second language besides German.
  • Markdown. Hugo has native markdown support. No more need to fiddle around with gutenberg editor.

What didn´t change

  • My hosting provider. I´m still happy with all-inkl.
  • SEO. Not my daily fulltime job, but still as a sidebusiness.
  • My interest in technology, gadgets and the internet.


  • Well. I hope I´ll write in a higher frequency.
  • More posts about productmanagement, product owning, org, coaching, knowledge sharing, etc.
  • A broader range in topics. This is my playground :-)

So far so good. A first step is done.