A few years ago a former colleague of mine asked if I was interessted in taking over some lessons at mvhs from her. At first I didn´t know if this will work for me but I said “Yes” and the rest is history.

I´ve been teaching for over 10 years and it turned out to be one of the better decissions. Not only I have fun doing it I also learned a lot for myself. I appreciate the chance given to me and enjoy every session at the mvhs.


The mvhs is the municipal centre from Munich and wants to help adults in their livelong learning journey. It has different sites shattered across the city and a realy broad program. It is quite cheap as well. Everybody can register and book courses on demand. There are even some free courses to get a better view of the experience.

I strongly recommend attending one of your municipal centres and try to learn something new. And if you ever thought about sharing your knowledge go ahead and give it a try.


To be able to really understand a topic you need to be able to explain it. You need to build up a structure of steps which build up on each other. This leads to breaking down complex topics to be as simple as possible.

I also enjoy the connection with the people going there. You talk with such diverse backgrounds. One person might be quite far in her journey while the other starts at zero. So you have to be able to give them all what they want (or what the need). This can become quite a challenge.


For me it´s important to connect with people and try to help them on their journey. I do this in person and maybe a little bit on this blog. Hope you enjoy my learning process as much as I do.