I joined twitter (not gonna call it “X”) in January 2009. I immediatelly felt at home. There still was the fail whale, a lot of degraded service but it was great. Over the years I currated my personal feed and got the fastest possbible way to stay uptodate on the topics relevant for me.

I was a happily paying user of Tapbots Tweetbot. As long as the API was open to 3rd party clients I had a chronological timeline and no ads. If twitter would still offer this feature (my timeline, my order, my client) I would be a paying user. Unfortunatelly a billionaire decided we can´t have nice things.

I moved the twitter app into a folder, it´s replaced by Ivory (also from Tapbots) - a client for Mastodon. I don´t have the same timeline there, not everybody made it over but it´s growing. I´m not sure if I will ever have the same social network. This is fine. Will it replace twitter? Only time will tell.

However I also removed twitter from the home and the navigation here. It´s not as important as it used to be. I still have my account but I don´t use it.

I´m a little bit sad but at the same time excited and looking to the future.