Build in 1982. Born in Krumbach, grew up in Weißenhorn, a small town near Neu-Ulm. Civilian service with the Bavarian Red Cross. 2003: Departure for Munich. Studies. Graduation: 2009. Since then: “Diplom Ingenieur für Druck- und Medientechnik” (diploma in print and mediatechnologies). So I could coat dead trees, but I don’t. Instead: Internet things.

Studying in Munich: Expensive. Consequence: side job. QA working student (aka Bugs Bunny) at Internet portals made by Hubert Burda. Just writing bug tickets? Boring. Therefore: “Real” tickets written, features conceptualized, user stories hacked down. Then: Diploma thesis. Recipes - Web to Print. Still Burda. A great time in which I learned a lot. Best supervisor in the world. (Thanks, Andy!)

And then? Next step. Burda Media Innovation Lab. Sexy, hot shit was the motto. Me in the middle: requirements engineer and SEO. First own projects, first specifications, many external projects. Incredibly great team, incredibly great atmosphere. Room to try things out: Fail often, fail early, fail cheeply.

Off to Hamburg. Moin Moin. SEO agency. Startup - fast growing. I’m in: SEO Consultant. Hamburg is great, I like it. But my heart beats for Munich, I like it more. Back again. Looking for an apartment. Relocation. Over 900km - quite annoying. Also for the cats. Meow, very accusatory meow on the highway. But back again.

Back at Burda. Now: technical project manager. Built beautiful portals, relaunched portals, monitoring, automated deployments. Learned a lot. Great brands:,,,,,,, and many more. Infrastructure projects. Hosting, newsletter, video platform, CDN selection. Great team. Sites made really fast thanks to Varnish and sometimes massaged the servers for nights with colleagues (at least as moral support). Designed and built SaaS projects. Learned a lot about data protection and information security.

Then back to the agency side. Now web business consultant. International company, great partners. Google Enterprise Search, Google Cloud Platform, Google Analytics. “Containerized” a lot with Docker. Great international clients, on the road in Europe (Brussels, Amsterdam, London) and Germany. Consulted a lot, conceptualized and implemented a lot.

Switched to a smaller agency. Senior project manager. Munich Sendling. Digital communication and marketing. We make it possible. Web, mobile, app.

All good things come in threes: Chip Digital (Burda… ). This time Product Owner. New (international) team, new product, new technology in an agile setting. We integrate lots of data and build the tracking for the transaction driven business models. For CHIP, for BurdaForward. Been there quite a long time. We renovated our infrastructure, switched to AWS. IaaS, Microservices, got featured . Grew our business to a plattform based model, enable others to build on your product. Best team I ever worked with.

In the beginning of 2023 a new professional chapter started. Still with BurdaForward, still with my team. However, now as a hybrid of peoples manager and PO. Head of Affiliate Marketing Technologies. Full responsibility for the process. Build tracking technology, import data, process data, fetch and process data for generating invoices, invoice distribute the revenue.

And what else? Dad to the best daughter since 2016. Lecturer at the mvhs and CampusM21. Private web projects and seniom . Both with the best Nicole.